Kiwi's FAQ


We are a sidewalk robotic delivery startup. Founded in 2017, we made our first delivery through University Of California - Berkeley's SkyDeck Program. Since then, we have completed more than 150,000 orders and built more than 400 robots. We are a company with global aspirations and have a footprint in countries such as Australia, Colombia, Taiwan, and United States. Kiwibot was founded by three Colombian entrepreneurs Felipe Chávez, Sergio Pachón, and David Rodríguez.

Currently, Kiwibot has operations in the Australia, Colombia, Dubai, Taiwan, and United States.


Up to 2 mi/h (3.9km/h)

The robot weighs approx. 45lb (20.5 kg) empty and the delivery compartment can hold around 6-8lb (3Kg-4Kg)

The robot can travel anywhere a pedestrian can, including accessible routes, sidewalks, and even cross streets. The robot follows ADA guidance.

Currently, Kiwibots deliver food and bevereges, we plan on incorporating additional items in the near future. For participating locations, please refer to your Everyday mobile app.


The robot uses a mixture of computer vision and GPS to know it’s location. The perception system is composed of high-tech sensors and allows us to get much information about the environment and the surroundings. This allows us to ensure the safety of the people that walk alongside our robots without any possible danger.

The robots are able to detect traffic lights, people, vehicles, or even other Kiwibots; based on that, they make decisions in the path planning and the obstacle avoidance process. Among the things that they take into account are the structure features, the roads, the estimated trajectories, and where the dynamic or static objects are located.

Kiwibot designs and assembles its own robots in Colombia.


If you experience an issue with your Kiwibot food delivery, please reach out to the Kiwibot customer service hotline +1 ‪(901) 295-8224 or chat with us via the Kiwibot tracker found within the Everyday mobile app.

Customer uses the Everyday mobile app to order goods from participating campus dining locations and select a time and dropoff location. Customer is then notified through the Everyday mobile app when order is ready for delivery and can track the movement of the robot through the Everyday mobile app. Once the robot arrives at the dropoff location, customer is then notified. Customer can then retrieve the order by unlocking the robot lid by pressing the ‘open the lid’ button on the Kiwibot tracker page within the Everyday mobile app.

Our foremost priority is the safety of people, environment, and orders. Our robots are capable of performing an incredible driving function under different outdoor or indoor conditions. To ensure the safety of the community, we assign supervisors to monitor the environment and operations, the supervisors are trained to take control of the robot if a warning or a critical event occurs.