Yep! It's a great value and it is Ohio Northern University's policy that all freshmen, sophomores, and designated campus residents purchase a meal plan each semester.

You can use your meal swipes during regular hours in McIntosh Dining Hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You also have the option to use your swipe at WOW for a meal exchange as follows: lunch from 11am to 4pm, dinner from 4pm to 7pm, and late night from 7pm to 11pm Monday -Friday, Saturday & Sunday 4pm-11pm.

Dining Dollars are cash values included in most meal plans. They work like a prepaid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. Dining Dollars may be used at any dining location including to purchase additional meals at McIntosh Dining Hall.

They are available for you to use during the semester in which you purchase your meal plan. They are not carried over from year to year.

If you live off-campus, you can purchase a traditional meal plan through the Residence Life office.  Commuters and off-campus housing residents also have the opportunity to add Polar Points which work just like the Dining Dollars attached to meal plans.

Yes - we'd love to serve you!  All locations accept Polar Points, cash and credit cards.

Yes! We accept gift cards at all of our retail locations that are sold through ONU Dining Services. These can be purchased by contacting Dining Services. Starbucks gift cards are accepted at the full store on Main Street (though not at Northern Lights as this location is a "We Proudly Serve" store).  For any additional questions, please contact us at (419) 772-2414 or
If you are on a 19, 12, or 8 meal plan, your swipes will reset overnight late Saturday, so you will have a full amount of swipes to use for the new week beginning on Sunday